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The sales rep that sold me my Honda Fit which is a branded title, told me that the original damage and repair on the car was on the front end. We pulled up the report on the damage later and figured out it was actually on the back end which caused the damage to the rear axel.

The mis-alingnment on the car caused me to fish-tail multiple times on the freeway, blow two tires, etc. After having the car three weeks they accused us damaging the car due to a paint scrape. The company said that they would pay for the new axel rod and the alignment.

After about four weeks, they ended up paying a large portion of the axel rod (all but 200$) and did not pay for the alignment. I was very respectful over the phone and was responded to by yelling and disrespect.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #653041

This is you^^ You have spent way more time than $200 is worth complaining. I don't work for Autosource, but I read your reviews on cars.com and you guys sound like typical want something for nothing schiesters. Take a little ownership already.

to Whiny *** #1489918


to Betty #1489919

Your pathetic!!! I meant!!

Those pieces of *** they call good cars at Auto source aren’t cheap. You should buy one and then tell everyone how wonderful they are.

I’m sure you do work for Auto source!!! sickens me

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